Get the most efficient inventory method and improve all your internal operations.

Benefits of Using Inventory Software for Your Business

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Automate Manual Task

Barcode and RFID scanning can speed inventory, receiving, and fulfillment. Also, reduce manual entry errors and free employees from repetitive tasks.

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Greater Visibility with Real-Time Data

Access real-time information on all SKUs across all facilities. It will stream the data to all devices, anywhere.

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Improve Forecasting

Software that handles data collection and analysis can provide information about trends. You can improve your inventory forecast.

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Optimize All Inventory

A powerful inventory management software system helps maintain the right mix of inventory and quantity.

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Avoidance of Stock-Outs and Excess Stock

You can track low inventory levels and determine the reorder point for each product while preventing out-of-stocks.


Main Modules of Inventory System

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Warehouse Management

Warehouse management implies optimization of the use of warehouse space to maximize inventory storage

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Inventory Forecasting

Pronunciation of the amount of inventory that it is necessary to provide a certain future period.

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Inventory Valuation

Perform inventory evaluation in all warehouses at the end of each reporting period within a few seconds.


Lot and Serial Number Tracking

Automatically generate batch and serial numbers for easy product tracking in any warehouse.

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Stock Aging Analyze

Analyze the age of its warehouse, currency and decide the levels of future actions of slow and rapid motion objects.

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Custom Module

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Project Management

Monitor the resource allocation and adjust the workflows pace to get maximum productivity.

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Ecommerce Module

Provides the business that uses to ability to launch their business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C) eCommerce websites.

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Marketing Automation Module

Provides the company to manage correctly their marketing campaigns in all available channels.

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Bulk email & SMS Module

Tool that easy to educate your customers about your products or services

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Order Management Module

Module that will track the order made by company, from the first step until the goods are delivered.


Do You Have Any Questions?

BISA Indonesia provides planning consultation, software installation work, user training, up to the Go-Live stage

BISA Indonesia provides easy system access that can be accessed via your PC, tablet, and even your smartphone according to the desired module.

BISA Indonesia uses Ubuntu, a Debian-based operating system and consists of a server, desktop, and Linux operating system.

BISA Indonesia uses PostgreSQL, a database system that ensures data security, is strong, and reliable.

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