With ERP software, every project progress can be tracked easily, keep track of your transport conditions, asset maintenance can be scheduled automatically, and one of the most important benefits of ERP software for mining companies is better-controlled finances.

The Benefits of Mining System:

Project Management Optimization

An automated system can optimize every business process that can be tracked easily

Increase Worker Productivity

Accurate reports and informed decision-making help increase worker productivity

Transportation, Production & Logistics Efficiency

Ensure smooth, condition, and track the existence of transportation, production, and logistics

Better Accounting Management

Ensure smooth, condition, and track the existence of transportation, production, and logistics

Data Security

The system guarantees the security of every recorded data and report

ERP Software for Mining Industry


Project Management

The project management system provides a communication platform that facilitates completion accuracy and resource utilization


Asset Management

manage all assets in real-time with the asset management system/ you can monitor asset usage, scheduled maintenance, and calculate ROI, expenses, and capital asset values automatically



automate cash flow management, financial statement generation, bank reconciliation, adjusting journals, invoice generation, and more


Cargo Management

the cargo management module will simplify the process of transportation, delivery of goods, to analyze income quickly and accurately



automate your HR and employee administration tasks, calculate salaries and PPh21, manage leave and attendance lists, reimbursement process, and other operational activities with HR


Advantages of Using Our Services

Improving Data Security

To avoid data breaches, ERP solutions have firewalls and restriction controls

Reducing Operating Cost

ERP System also assist businesses in reducing operating cost

Optimizing Effiency

We help you to automate a range of business operations that would otherwise require a long time and effort to do manually

Accurate Forecast

The capacity to produce accurate forecast is one of the more important aspects of corporate growth


ERP Software can adapt to the changing needs of a developing organization, removing the need to buy a new system as your company grows

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