A Faster, Smarter & Safer Way of Working

200 million people work on construction sites every day across the world. We want to leverage digitisation to make their job easier and get them focused on what matters: building good quality homes and infrastructure for all of us.

Construction is a dangerous activity; we want to harness technology to make site operations safer and eventually save lives.

And construction and buildings represent 40% of CO2 emissions. We want construction to be more efficient and use less resources to reduce its carbon footprint. We are passionate about our mission; we believe technology can make a difference but there is only one way it will succeed: from the ground up.

Change the way you work

Whether your team is using desktops, tablets, or mobile devices, everyone will stay on the same page.Not only is all project data synchronised across all of these digital platforms, but work can continue even when there is no Internet connection. Progress is saved while offline, then re-synchronised to our secure cloud servers once a connection is re-established.

Six operational modules to digitalise all site processes – Flexibly add on modules as you grow







Software Manajemen Konstruksi Terbaik di Indonesia

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