What is Odoo ERP?

Odoo ERP or OpenERP is a suit of business applications, that seamlessly syncs with each other to provide you a complete business management application. Odoo takes a complete Modular Approach to deliver, so you get  more than 3000 modules (each distinct from the other in functionality) to design your own business management tool.

Why Choose Odoo?

1. Complete Package:

It is the Most Complete Business Management Solution with almost 3000 Applications seamlessly integrated with each other. It is single software that addresses all your business needs under a single roof.

2. Enterprise-Wide Information Sharing:

It offers Real time Information sharing among co-workers and with its robust access right protection; your business operations can accomplish complete automation.

3. Works on your Business Model:

Odoo is very flexible, infact it has been designed to solve multipurpose business requirements keeping the raw nature of business in mind. It's easy to customize feature makes it a real gem in the industry.

4. Modular:

Odoo ERP is a highly Modular ERP. You can anytime Upgrade or Downgrade with number of Modules you are working with.

5. Comprehensive:

There are 3000 Apps to choose what you need and how you want to use.

6. Updates Regularly:

Odoo regularly comes with new updates and keeps you updated with Latest Technology out there. Low Cost.

6. Implementation:

Odoo is an Open Source solution, so the overall cost is very less in comparison to other counterparts.

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