Supply Chain Management software is essential to running a smooth supply chain.

Benefits of Using Supply Chain Management Software for Your Business

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Clear Visibility of Supply Chain

For retail and wholesale businesses, information allows you to sell the item before it reaches the warehouse.

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Increase Productivity

SCM software increases cooperation and simplifies the communication process between suppliers, transport companies and suppliers.

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Better Inventory Management

With accurate information about the location of the product, you can book for sale while the product is on the way or even when it is placed.

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Minimize Delay Time

SCM software can minimize such errors by synchronizing data in a central location, simplify cross-departmental communication, increase collaboration, and customer’s trust.

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Increases Report Accuracy

As a business owner, you can make decisions faster with the help of supply chain management software.


Main Modules of Enterprise Resource Planning

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Procurement Management

Receive notifications when the actions reach the minimum level and automatically sends purchase orders to suppliers.

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Inventory Management

Track the availability of your goods, locate them and make inventory adjustments to avoid risk and error.

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Order Management

The order management module includes software that will track the order made by the company from the first step until the goods are delivered


Return Management

Simplify the return process and establish a reliable return solution to improve customer satisfaction.

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Shipment Tracking

Find the whereabouts of your courier to ensure that all your customers' orders are delivered on time.

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Custom Module

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Project Management

Monitor the resource allocation and adjust the workflows pace to get maximum productivity.

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Ecommerce Module

Provides the business that uses to ability to launch their business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C) eCommerce websites.

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Marketing Automation Module

Provides the company to manage correctly their marketing campaigns in all available channels.

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Bulk email & SMS Module

Tool that easy to educate your customers about your products or services

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Order Management Module

Module that will track the order made by company, from the first step until the goods are delivered.


Do You Have Any Questions?

BISA Indonesia provides planning consultation, software installation work, user training, up to the Go-Live stage

BISA Indonesia provides easy system access that can be accessed via your PC, tablet, and even your smartphone according to the desired module.

BISA Indonesia uses Ubuntu, a Debian-based operating system and consists of a server, desktop, and Linux operating system.

BISA Indonesia uses PostgreSQL, a database system that ensures data security, is strong, and reliable.

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